Friday, August 11, 2006

Weekly review Weahs are back, back again

As we said, if the leader of the free world can vacate, so can we. But we return in full force, with the Weahs, as if we didn't miss a beat...

Weah to go:
1) John Madden: Inducted into Hall of Fame, and about to be introduced to a whole new set of unsuspecting youngsters on the impending Maddenoliday.
2) Ned Lamont: Where's he stand on other issues? Who cares, he didn't make out with the Prez! (Sporlinote: We may be shocked by his stances if he makes it to Washington. No one that rich is that liberal)
3) Joe Schwarz: Yeah, he lost his primary to a rabid right-winger. But now he will no longer be slapped around by the DeLays of the world and can return to the relatively sane mainstream. Welcome back, Joe.

On the Weah down:
1) Maurice Clarett: His recruit-mate, Santonio Holmes, was a first round pick this spring. Yeah, he got arrested, too. But he still has a spot on the defending champs' squad. Oh, and millionsof dollars.
2) Lieberman/Bush/Cheney: Try to villify Lamont voters as crazy out of touch liberals. Then the 'liberals' go and show that they agree with 60% of Americans, and are against the war.
3) Fidel Castro/Cynthia McKinney: Their constituents are cheering their failures: Fidel's health, and Cynthia's right hook.

The "Take That, Darwin" Award of the Week:
We could give it to Clarett, but that'd be too easy. Ryan Freel takes this one. After making an amazing catch on Albert Pujols this week, he explained that not even his friend Farney could believe it. Oh, and who is Farney? "
He's a little guy who lives in my head who talks to me and I talk to him." He proceeded to describe the entire conversation. We'd transcribe it, but want to keep our collective head from imploding. Read it here.


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