Saturday, August 05, 2006

Son of a B-sample

It's official.


Floyd Landis -- the mennonite, hip-fractured, Lance II, super-biker -- had more testosterone in him during his miraculous stage 17 than a Jason Giambi-Gary Sheffield-Barry Bonds dinner party.

The Tour de France, in tpyical French fashion, showed resilience, grit, and resolve (SIKE) and kicked his ass out immediately. As did his team, Phonak (they're Swiss, so they just don't like trouble either way). As will USA cycling.

But how many people really care? Americans' attention span for the Tour passed two days after it ended, and was briefly revived when Landis' red flag was waved. Landis got his glory -- and well more than his 15 minutes -- weeks ago.

Not many people would have remembered him either way. Now, more will. Which would he rather have?


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