Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weah Weeklies, 6.4 edition

Ah yes, it's everyone's favorite time again. The Weahs (how appropriate, we honor a soccer superstar on a week the Copa Mondial gets underway)...

Weah to go...
1) Us: Not "us" as in your loyal local Sporlifriends. "Us" as in "the world," because we are blessed with the World Cup starting this Friday (our preview to come).
2) Anyone who thinks gay people should suffer the same fate as straight people: Pres. Bush will lend his support to an anti-gay marriage Senate bill that is already doomed to fail this week. His endorsement is like throwing an anchor through a sinking ship.
3) Mavs/Heat: Franchises each make their first-ever appearances in the NBA Finals. Pro: we get to hear more of Avery "squeaky" Johnson. Con: We have to endure more Mark Cuban.

On the Weah down...
1) Croatia: Congrats, Croats. Your reward for making the Cup is having the entire world watch your opener v. Brazil. Just don't let Ronaldinho fake you out of your shorts.
2) Steve Nash: Reigning 2-time MVP has to watch his old mates stomp him on the way to the Finals. That has to hurt.
3) Dick Cheney: Lost a fight to a woman. (more specifically: apparently lost out in the argument with Condi Rice, as Dubya chose the more diplomatic route with Iran...but it sounds better the way we said it)

The "Take that, Darwin" award of the week:
The inimitable Bruce Arena, coach of the US Soccer Team. The man is brilliant and (often) disarmingly funny, but did he have to make his first quote in Germany:
"We'll just go ahead and be dumb Americans."
In fairness, it was in response to criticism for letting his players sleep with their wives during the Cup. But still...


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