Sunday, June 11, 2006


3 things are certain in life: death, taxes, and the GOP will raise more money than the Democrats. It's the way things always have been; Republicans are generally richer and more generous than Democrats.

But the lead story in the Sunday WashPost is -- make sure you're sitting down -- the following:
"Democrats Closing Fundraising Gap with Republicans"

Dr. Howie was roundly criticized (something he is getting quite used to) for not hauling in enough cash in his first few months. Since then, however, the Dems are closing the enormous fundraising gap that has existed for years in politics: (via WashPost)

A surge in small, individual contributions is lifting Democratic campaigns this year and is helping close a Republican fundraising advantage that has existed for years in national politics, according to Federal Election Commission data.

Democratic House and Senate candidates and their two major campaign committees are enjoying stronger grass-roots support than at any time since the GOP took over both chambers of Congress in the 1994 elections, according to strategists from both parties who have reviewed the most recent FEC data released this spring.

It's not particularly surprising that the GOP is suffering from a lack of donations. They have infuriated their base by increasing the size of government, unsuccessful nation-building, and a nightmarish increase in spending. The true surprise is that the Dems are raising more cash.

We've never been the type to credit the blogosphere for more than increasing awareness. But this "increase in small donations" has Howie and Joe Trippi's internet fingerprints all over it. Just another reason for the GOP to be scared heading into November.


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