Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm not proud of it, but it helped me out of many a jam!

Rest easy, America. The "Harry Caray Bandit" has been nabbed.

The man who has been terrorizing/tickling nostalgic/depressed Cubbies fans for months was caught in Indiana yesterday. He had been robbing bank tellers while wearing...well...we'll let the Tribune tell the rest:
Guillermo Rivera has been charged with making off with $2,000 on March 29 from the Palos Bank and Trust in Palos Heights.

At the time, police said the robber, decked out in oversized glasses, a baseball cap and perhaps a wig, resembled the late Cubs broadcaster.

The FBI later changed the moniker to the "10-Second Bandit" because he repeatedly demanded that tellers hand over cash "in 10 seconds."

There was no report on whether the bandit was found hallucinating that he was a hot dog.


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