Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who misses 'roids?

The genius that is Donald Fehr strikes again...

"If players and owners don't agree to a new labor contract by Aug. 1, the union has until Aug. 15 to unilaterally end the new drug policy as of Dec. 19, when the current collective bargaining agreement expires."

Sweet! More long balls (or small balls, as it were). More thick necks. More jowls.

Don Fehr is the devil.

Now that we're past that, we can observe that he is the most powerful union leader since Samuel Gompers. He continues to represent his clients to the best of his (or anyone else's) abilities, and makes Bud Selig look like a vapid shlub for bonus points. Honestly, the Globetrotters go easier on the Nationals.

While steroids were legal for us, Fehr was able to make them permissable in our national pasttime. This was the crowning achievement in Fehr's quest to make the MLBPA the most powerful union on the planet, one whose members are above the law of the land.

And now we learn that Fehr has hogtied Selig once again. If Bud does not sign a deal by August, the union wins, steroids are legal, and Bud looks more inept than Elmer Fudd. Don't think Fehr won't use that as leverage in the negotiations.

The Don strikes again.


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