Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weah Weeklies, delayed edition

Weah Weekly time, and we apologize for the delay. Still getting over the hangover from partying with Porter and his hookers over the weekend.

Weah to go:
1) LA Clippers: The Clip-joint wins their first playoff series since 1976, when they were the Buffalo Braves. Some perspective? 10 of their players were not yet born. This is what happens when only most of your team is high all the time. Who's beating who's head now, D-Miles?
2) Patrick Kennedy: Bad news: off to rehab after a disturbing pattern of reckless behavior. Good news: won't be around this month when it all hits the fan for Congress.
3) Rick Santorum: Anyone who says he is serious about lobbying reform, then takes a lobbyist's plane, and still picks up points in the polls has had a good week.

On the Weah down:
1) Porter Goss: Head of the CIA is sacked without a replacement at the ready. Likely reason: he felt snubbed by Negroponte being picked last year. Fun reason: He is involved in the Duke Cunningham/defense contractor/prostitute scandal.
2) Kobe: The MJ talk ends here. Win, then we'll talk. On the plus side, he talked about poop and got away with it.
3) Laura Bush: Adored First Lady has a moy awkward moment on CNN, looks like she is taking orders from the hubby. At least someone's listening to him.

The "Take That, Darwin" Award of the Week:
Marcus Vick: Techincally, he could get this every week. But he went undrafted, and then decided to try out in the land of South Beach. Even Ricky Williams couldn't cut it there. Good luck, Marcus.


At 5/09/2006 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If in your laura bush segment you were going for the spanish flare, it's spelled 'muy awkward.' Just FYI

At 5/10/2006 11:23 AM, Blogger sporlitics said...

we dont habla the espanol (in america we talk english), but much appreciated.


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