Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No, officer. You have to FIND it.

Last week, FSU's key basketball recruit -- a 7-foot local product -- was arrested after a traffic stop in Florida. He had pot, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia on him.

The best part of the story, however, is where he was hiding the powder (think cavity search), and how the officers discovered it (think "spread em," literally): via Tallahassee Democrat

The search allegedly turned up a plastic bag with approximately 15 grams of marijuana and a digital scale under the passenger's seat with marijuana residue on it. Kreft was placed in custody.

According to the report, ''Kreft then stated to us that he had something else on him, and said it was in the (crevice) of his buttocks. Jonathan was then given permission to retrieve it, at which time he stuck his hands between his buttocks, and a small plastic bag fell to the ground with suspect cocaine in it."

That's right. Not only was the basketball star playing Columbian-smuggler in the car, he decided to one up that undedicated hussy Maria-Full-of-Grace and hide it in his "low block." And he offered the information voluntarily; wasn't asked to show off how to box out or anything.

Anyway, today FSU rescinded his scholarship. Apparently they don't hold basketballers to the same, er, standards to which they hold their football players.


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