Monday, May 29, 2006

It's not like we have a war to win or anything

What a perfect memorial day story (and right up our alley)

Apparently, Secretary of State Condi Rice called a meeting of the commissioners of the three major sports leagues (and hockey). Some of the commishes did not know what point of the meeting was until they arrived at the hotel in New York.

The point of the meeting was what?
a) To ask Tags and Stern how to resurrect a failed enterprise (and have Bettman take notes).
b) To pine for consideration to become the NFL's next commish when Tags retires in July.
c) To plan with a way to market America to the world through its major sports leagues (and hockey).
d) To get away from her depressing job and moronic boss for a weekend in the city.

For the record, we could swear it's a, b, and d, but apparently the answer is C. And the article says that two of the commissioners (read: Stern and Tags, if not the other two as well) thought it a waste of time since they "already have good reason to believe they're making great strides with overseas marketing and, like us, probably have a hard time imagining that sports are the best way to improve our international relations."

But let's roll with it. The rest of the world may hate us, but we say once they get to know Rae Carruth or John Rocker or Ruben Droughns, all will be forgotten (or pitied).


At 5/31/2006 11:58 AM, Blogger jason said...

I love the headline. (War....what war?....we are at war?...huh...who knew?...)

However, you missed the point, the rest of the world does not have sports. They think they do, but they need ours. They don't have freedom or anything so, again, we have to export it.

Maybe we can make Itay and Argentina ready to accept basketball by bombing the shit out of them?

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