Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Incommunicado (That's spanish)

Two recent examples of how the two men most credited with the GOP always being the party of clear, concise messaging (President Bush and his lead advisor, Karl Rove) royally screwed up with some verbal diarrhea recently.

El Presidente, whose splendiforous speaking came on the topic of tax cuts: (WashPost)
In January, George W. Bush declared that, "by cutting the taxes on the American people, this economy is strong, and the overall tax revenues have hit at record levels." Regrettably, this endorsement of what his dad called voodoo economics was not a one-time oversight. The next month, Bush told a New Hampshire audience, "You cut taxes and the tax revenues increase."

Mr. Rove's semantic stumble came in front of conservative think-tank AEI yesterday. He was talking about...uh...who really cares what he was talking about. Per WashPost, here's the quote (everyone think Brownie):
Discussing the Bush administration's record on illegal immigration, he blurted out, "We're doing a heck of a job."

Ouch! Only months after Rove's boss made that statement a notorious synonym for incompetent leadership, Rove used it to describe his own boss.

For once, the Democrats look like the competent public communicators.


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