Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Exactly what Barry's image needed

Need PR help? In baseball? Call John Rocker.

America's favorite racist reliever came to the defense of America's favorite overweight outfielder. We're sure Barry's thrilled: (via Dalton Citizen)
“They’re basically just ganging up on him,” Rocker said. “You can accuse him, and people who have never done steroids call themselves experts and say, ‘I know Barry did this, I know Barry did that.’”

Ah, to be a dead cell in that brain. The musings continue...
“But at that point and time the pitchers were doing the same thing the hitters were doing,” Rocker said of alleged rampant steroid use among baseball players. “There may have been people cheating but the opportunity to cheat was there for everybody. So in retrospect, the field was technically level.”

Philosophy 101, brought to you by John Rocker.

Was there any doubt that he has a book coming out? We can't wait til the local pre-schoolers read it and translate it for us.


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