Saturday, May 20, 2006

Affirmed's legend lives another day

Please, no Elmer's Glue jokes. We really do feel bad for Barbaro and his "connections" (as they kept saying on NBC).

But: Shouldn't a triple crown be won against the best competition, not only 8 other horses? Affirmed beat Seattle Slew and Alydar, horses who won loads of other races and one triple crown. That's competition. Barbaro had a bunch of also-rans.

Barbaro apparently has a fractured ankle, something that could be life-threatening. According the Bob Costas and NBC's bang-up job this evening (couldn't they at least have pretended to be happy for Bernardino), the horse is off to a Vet hospital in Philly (Penn, we think). Let's hope he ends up livin the life of a stud.

In the meantime, NBC is wiping its tears.


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