Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weah Weeklies, 4/3 edition

Once again, our weekly Weahs, in honor of the pride of Liberia...

Weah to go:
1) Senate conservatives: Stevens takes one home, finally. They successfully block a series of bills that they deem "amnesty" and have the moderates name-calling. Good for them; can we move on yet?
2) Phil Mickelson: Wins the masters. Much like the Senate cons--good for him, everyone still hates you.
3) Matt Lauer: Try and tell us he wasn't totally sick of her. He must've been pacing for at least five years now, mumbling, "I swear if I hear the fucking word perky one more time..."

On the Weah down:
1) Bush and his boss: they get fingerbanged on the same week that their budget proposal to the House falls apart and an Iraqi general declares civil war.
2) College Basketball: Lose a great up-and-comer in Maggie Dixon. Tragic.
3) The great state of Delaware: Men across the state feel emasculated (<--see Phil) when they hear student had sex with teacher 28 times in a week. Feel much better when they see the "culprit." DE loses either way.

The "Take that, Darwin" Award of the Week:
Our good friend PM Silvio: A billionaire with the power of incumbency. But after years of supporting the war amidst national furor, falslely blaming a shitty economy on the Euro, and faux-banging an unprepared meter maid (see many posts below for the video), he lost his re-election bid. American liberals hope this is a portend of November, but not even Republicans are as stupid as he.


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