Friday, April 28, 2006

We knew we were funny, but this funny?

Remember that time in Little League when you were so bored in right field that you started counting dandelions and daydreaming of the post-game hot dog? (Well we don't, cause we were busy pitching or playing in the infield, with the skill players, but we digress.) This is what can happen when you're bored on the field (via KC Star):
The start of the O-Royals’ game on Monday was delayed five minutes, according to the Omaha World-Herald, because Kerry Robinson had a chest muscle spasm in center field. Trainer Jeff Stevenson told the newspaper that the muscle spasm was triggered when Robinson was laughing at the antics of a youth team that was involved in a pregame promotion.

This has got to rank among the greatest baseball injuries ever, just below John Smoltz ironing his shirt while he was still wearing it.

The real question is, what were those kids doing that was so funny? Kerry, can you help us out on this one? We bet they were just portly.


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