Sunday, April 09, 2006

Italian fans show some classi

It hasn't been long since the soccer community was embarassed by Spanish fans who made monkey noises and threw peanuts at African Player of the Year Samuel Eto'o of Barca.

We are within 2 weeks of our good friend, Italian PM Silvio Burlesque-oni, ramming a meter maid on his way to the car. (Can't see that video enough).

Now come reports that Inter Milan's fans waited for their team at the airport after Inter's elimination from the Champions League, but not to applaud the team's efforts. They welcomed their players with masks, slurs, and beatdowns, and one Inter player left with bruises on his head.

Seriously, the Euro soccer fans are among the most loyal in the world. But they are often disgusting. The racism (especially in Spain and England) has been bad for years and has often operated under the rest of the world's radar--although after the Eto'o debacle European Parliament officials drafted a resolution to give referees the power to abandon matches in such cases. It is certainly reflective of parts of Europe's xenophobic culture, but the racists feel more weclome near the pitch. Italy agreed to start cracking down, and England has done a better job, but the only ones who are equipped to halt it are the fellow fans.


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