Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Did Reggie Bush's family hurt his stock as the #1 pick by living in a would-be agent's house? Are the Texans really thinking of taking NC State's Mario Williams? Are we completely and totally sick of Mel Kiper (right) and TJ?

Yes, yes but only with a lower pick, and yes, but we still love Salisbury and will still be glued to the draft-day coverage this weekend. Can't get enough of the NFL, even in April.

Here's how we see draft-day shaking down:

The Texans will, after not getting a deal like the Chargers got for the Ricky Williams and Eli Manning picks, select Reggie Bush, despite advice to the contrary from their Sporlifriends. They should take whatever deal they get and drop to 3 or 4, taking D-Brick to help their offensive line. They won't get Mario Williams unless the Saints trade down.

The Saints will stay put and take Mario Williams, since they lost their best pass rusher to free agency and already have Drew Brees (we could hear Matt Leinart exhale all the way out here). Unless of course, by some stroke of stupidity, Bush is still available at No. 2.

After that? Well, who the hell knows. Find a monkey, a dartboard, and sit back and enjoy. We're pretty sure that's what Mel does the other 10 months a year, anyway.

Sporlinote to teams: Please, PLEASE, don't take your full 15 minutes, everybody. You've had 3 months. You should know what to do. I can't listen to the talking heads that much.


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