Thursday, April 27, 2006

Big, brass ones

The political climate is supposedly "terrible" for Republicans. There are gas prices, bad immigration bills, the President's approval ratings dipping somewhere near Anna Nicole's, and Abramoff.

They were supposed to have gone home on their monthly 2-week break only to return back with their tails between their legs, in fear of the wrath of the electorate. And then comes the lede in a WashPost article this morning:

The scandal surrounding disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been a Washington obsession for months, but Republican lawmakers who returned from a two-week recess this week said they felt free to pass a relatively tepid ethics bill because their constituents rarely mention the issue.

Are we reading this correctly? The lawmakers came back from two weeks with voters with the mindset that they are fine and dandy to pass toothless reform? They are either morons, in possession of "muchos huevos grandes" as Mr. Colbert would say, or they realize that the American public is getting dumber and dumber.

(We pick option C). The article continues:

Lawmakers acknowledge that the bill is more limited in its scope and impact than the provisions promised by congressional leaders immediately after Abramoff's guilty plea to federal charges of bribery, conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud nearly four months ago. But they say they do not feel compelled to push more stringent measures partly because voters do not appear to be demanding them.

Ah, we were right. It has nothing to do with manly endowment--although it is pretty intrepid that they are openly admitting to weak "reform"--but rather the fact that they know the voters don't care.

Three cheers for a government of the people.


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