Thursday, March 02, 2006

Watch. Your. Neck.

What do the following people have in common?
LaVar Arrington.
Sam Madison.
Eric Moulds.
Trevor Pryce.
LaRoi Glover.

They are all pro bowlers who are probably going to be free agents by the end of today (you only get partial credit if your answer was "large, agile black men"), thanks to what all the clever sportswriters are calling Bloody Thursday.

Here's the lowdown: There was an obscure clause written into the last labor agreement that basically said if there was no continuance by today, all salary cap hits would be counted against this year (as opposed to spread over later years). So every team now has more money to fit under the cap, and as such must cut more high-priced players.

We dare the NFL and the players to have some sort of strike/lockout/bitchfest. The NFL is hands-down the most popular--and richest--league in sports. The only way they can possibly screw it up is with a shutdown. Morons.

The problem is that both sides have decent arguments. Gene Upshaw and the players see that owners are making more money than ever, and want a bigger cut. The owners see how much money the players are making already, and how fans reacted against the players in hockey's missed season, and call the players greedy.

We say they're all idiots. Meet halfway, count your millions, and suit up for the next season.


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