Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rich punks, take 2

Some more developments have surfaced in the last 24 hours regarding the Duke lacrosse scandal...

Smoking Gun has posted the original (and graphic) police report;

we learn (via the AP) that 15 players had priors. To be fair, this is entirely normal on a college campus, depending on the school's level of security. Almost all the charges were minor and alcohol-related (ie-carrying an open container), so this was made to be a bigger deal than it is;

The team broke its silence...sort of. The captains released a short, carefully-worded statement after meeting with the President again. They called the allegations "totally and transparently false." Despite their proclaimed innocence, they continue to stonewall the authorities.

For bios on the alleged perpetrators, see the new link we've posted.

Still monitoring...


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I guess you feel like a complete idiot right now.


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