Saturday, March 25, 2006

The luckiest team on the face of the earth

It wasn't the FTs (47 for UConn, 23 for UW). UConn plays inside, Washington does not.

It wasn't the turnovers (26 for UConn), although it should've been.

It was 2 things: the most clutch player in the tournament, Rashad Anderson (the Courant suggests renaming it Rashington, DC), being left open by another Sweet 16 regretter (UW joins Gonzaga and BC as teams that blew big leads in the Sweet 16) on jump shot after late jump shot; and

Brandon Roy, a senior who has been overlooked all year and whom Jim Calhoun called "the most complete player in the country", losing his cool mid-dominance and mid-lead. He decided to remind Rudy Gay who was showing up for the NBA Scouts in attendance, and in the process picked up his 4th foul (see picture). That was it. A double-figure lead evaporated, and the UConn luck streak continued.

Squeaking by Albany? Barely surviving an 8-seed? And now down 11 late to a PAC-10 runner-up? These dogs have many, many lives.

They are dangerously close to becoming the most talented team never to win anything. We are sick of hearing how skilled they are while watching them commit 23 turnovers in the first 25 minutes. At some point you forfeit skill with lazy, stupid play. And the man who would have been on the hook is one of the best in-tourney coaches ever: Mr. Calhoun.

If a team is so consistently empty-headed, you have to blame the coach. That may come soon. But for now, UConn lives to see another day, and a game mid-major playing a home game.

Besides, we still got Nova winning it all. (Big 5 love)


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