Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Our first report after unofficial spring break features what we do best: hating.

Today's piping hot serving of Sporlihate is the one college team that has been consistently overrated, year after year. Gonazaga was a wonderful Cindarella in 1999. Cindarella they are no more. All these people piping about how the Zags deserve a #1 seed in the tourney should turn it down a notch. They've never gotten as far as that magical run in 1999 (close Elite 8 loss to eventual champ UConn), and have been consistently upset since. A quick look at their schedule this year reveals they should be a #3 seed, AT BEST:

They have played 5 ranked teams this year, and their record is 2-3.

They have played two top-10 teams, and lost to both.

They play in one of the weakest conferences in America (WCC = Wack Coast Conference), where only TWO other teams are above .500.

Last night they needed a last second shot to squeak out a home win against a sub-.500 opponent, for the 2nd time in a week.

Gonzaga is a solid team with one of the best players in the country. Adam "Ron Jeremy" Morrison, once he shaves that ridiculous mustache, could put his team on his shoulders and take them to the Final Four. But their performance this year does not earn them a preferred track to that goal.

GW has a better record but is ranked lower, and is projected as a #4 seed. They only lost at NC State, a tough place to play. They should be given at least as high a seed as the Zags.

But only if Morrison shaves his 'stache.


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