Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekly Awards for 2/13

And now, for the first post of the Weah's, Sporlitics' weekly awards named after a great athlete (George Weah) now making his way into the world of Politics in his home country of Liberia. Without further ado...

Weah to go (movin up this week)
Lindsey Kildow: Pardon the expression, but after taking a nasty fall, she showed some real balls in getting right back on the hill—twice.
Ukrainian Parliament: They threw down when some Commis put up a mean sign in Parliament. (Picture 9 in slideshow)
Any comic, cartoonist or wannabe: Thanks to the veep.

On the Weah down (took some shots this week)
Scott McClellan: Granted, he can be on this list most weeks. This week, though, he looked especially impotent to press inquiries on Cheney’s shooting.
Michelle Kwan: Missed out on a final chance at gold, one she put off four years of sponsorships to chase. Unfortunate, to be sure.
Bryant Gumbel: Since when is he the spokesman for African-Americans?

The "Take that, Darwin" award of the week:
Who else but the VPOTUS could garner this one (although Gumbel made a late push)? Of all the one-liners and bits of info that have inundated the last week, perhaps the best is that Cheney misfired an American-made gun. Embarassing.


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