Sunday, February 12, 2006

Trigger-happy, in a different sense

We here at Sporlitics owe a sincere thank you to Dick Cheney. On our opening weekend, he took the lead, as the VPOTUS so often does, and gave the news cycle a startling example of the explosiveness that occurs when powerful politicians meet equally powerful sports. Thanks, Dick.

This administration may not have many military vets, but they sure know how to handle a gun.

On a hunting trip that can only be likened to one of those "Senior outdoors days" Sporlitics' local church organizes, Vice President Cheney (65 years old) shot his hunting partner, attorney Harry Whittington (78) on a private south Texas ranch.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting Cheney, upon hearing a noise, turned and fired without realizing that Whittington, 30 yards away, was the culprit. Whittington allegedly did not identify himself when re-joining the group. Shoot first, ask questions later? A breakdown in communication? SO unlike this administration...

Oh and they seem to still not understand that they cannot put a stranglehold on all media. The incident was not reported for more than 24 hours, and only after the local Corpus Christi paper got word.


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