Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Scout-breaker

Quick review of the 2003 NBA Draft's 1st 5 picks:
1) LeBron
2) That foreign kid (TFK)-->
3) Melo
4) Chris Bosh
5) D-Wade

TFK is in the news again, for basically the first time since that fateful draft night, because the Pistons have finally given up on his experiment. They are reportedly trading him to Orlando for two sacks of potatoes.

Why give up on him so fast? What happened to the once promising 17-year old that every NBA Scout swore would be better than Dirk (SporliNote: These are the same ones who promised this would be the "Age of Yao")?

3 things. 1) Larry Brown doesn't play rookies. 2) The Pistons are..well, the best team in the NBA. 3) He probably isn't very good. He has looked terrible in his few minutes on the floor.

TFK has single-handedly killed the European player's rep, one that was built up by the likes of Dirk and Peja. Not to mention the reps of numerous "pundits," like ESPN's Chad Ford who was at the head of the You NEED to take Darko mob.

Well, here's to a new start for TFK, and hoping he can restore the reps for all his followers. After all, he's only 21.


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