Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rocket Landing?

A few years ago, fans in Bahhhhston were up in arms amidst reports that Roger Clemens would enter the Hall of Fame wearing the hated "NY" hat. Today, with the Rocket no closer to ending his career, there are reports that he may even return to close out his career where it began: Fenway. The biggest sign that he did, in fact, meet with the Sox brass? No one is saying a word. GMs, owners, agents. It takes quite a coincidence to keep those types quiet.

Our take: This is just the rocket feeling out his territory--and value--and the Sox looking at the possibility of patching up the city's broken relationship with the former face of the franchise. As ESPN's Buster Olney writes, extensive bidding for Clemens from the likes of the Rangers and (surprise!) the Yankees will push the Rocket's tag out of Boston's atmosphere.

For the record, we've got our money on Clemens pitching for his hometown Astros next year.


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