Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Real men shoot guns...and play softball

So the VPOTUS finally agrees to speak to the much-dreaded press (about whom is attitude is apparently "You ask stupid questions, and I won't answer them"). Whom does he pick for this hard-hitting, sprayed-with-tough-questions-like-birdshot interview?

None other than those at FOX News.

Shocker. The "interview" will air at 6 p.m. eastern tonight and reportedly involves Cheney saying "It wasn't Harry's fault." Funny; his office spent the weekend placing the blame on the 78-year-old lawyer who got shot in the face. Oh, and he's wearing a soft, sensitive, pink tie.

FOX isn't showing clips yet, but someone leaked a few of Brit Hume's questions:

"Mr. Vice President, if the Democrats in Congress had given you and the White House the power it needed to maneuver freely and protect the American people--specifically Mr. Whittington-- in this situation, could this accident have been avoided?"

"Knowing what you know now, about where Mr. Whittington was and whether or not he had a bird hiding behind him, would you make the same decision?"

"In this post-9/11 world, isn't it necessary to have the latitude to make a decision without having to go through a bureaucratic mess, such as looking to see if a person is there before you shoot?"


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