Saturday, February 11, 2006

Quite a Kwan-dary

Michelle Kwan had a horendous first practice in Torino today and complained of being "a little stiff." Um, Michelle, it has nothing to do with this Olympics. You have that problem every four years.

Apparently now she is not quite sure if--after petitioning the USOC to be able to skip the American qualifier and costing another skater a shot at Torino--she will be able to skate. Here's a bit of advice:

We think you are one of the greatest American figure skaters ever, but you will always be the Dan Marino/Patrick Ewing of your sport. You know what though? It doesn't matter. Actually, let us re-phrase...It doesn't matter, as long as you don't quit. If you go out there and fall, or pull something, that's OK. At least you tried, and you'll be associating grit with a sport forever linked with liatards (no small feat). Just try. PLEASE try.

For cryin out loud, whether we like it or not, you are there representing all of us. So just get out on the ice. People embrace the losers; but no one likes a quitter.


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