Monday, February 13, 2006

Proof the Head Honchos STILL Don't Watch TV

...or read newspapers...or listen to the radio...or talk to basically anyone outside their bubble.

Remember five years ago, when the President asserted that he didn't read the morning paper? Or even as recently as the Katrina, when somehow the suits in DC "found out" about the Convention Center disaster a whole day after the rest of the world? Well, there's still some sort of news-proof forcefield outside the White House/Pentagon.

Yesterday, Dr. Rice (yes, gentlemen, still single and available; I know you're curious) told ABC's "This Week" that, and we could not make this up if we tried:

"If people continue to incite [the cartoon protests], it can spin out of control."

Right. Stat boy, can we get a tally? Here it is, as of this weekend:
-Danish embassies burned in Beirut (right) and Damascus.
-Danish, French, and Austrian embassies burned in Tehran.
-Death toll well into double digits.

And Dr. Rice thinks that if action isn't taken, it CAN spin out of control. What is that line about the river in Egypt?


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