Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lady Coaches Can Be Stubborn Dicks, too

On the Geno v. Pat Undercard...

In one corner: the young coach of one of the country's top team, bitter about losing last year's national championship game, a game she should have won, against that night's opponent.

In the other corner: the much, er...more "seasoned" coach of a good, but not great, defending national championship team, just after getting smoked by above coach's team.


Before this week's game nationally-televised game, apparently LSU women's basketball coach Pokey Chatman said something not very nice to the reigning nat'l champ coach, Kim Mulkey-Robertson. After Chatman's Tigers exacted (muted) revenge, the post-game handshake turned into a small spectacle.

Mulkey-Robertson decided to comment to Chatman on her etiquette, Chatman snatched her hand back, and it was on.

"You don't say things like that. She hasn't earned the right to say something like that to me," siad Mulkey-Robertson because "she hasn't been coaching long enough."

Oooh! One point for the gold corner. Purple, your rebuttal?

"I promise you it's been blown out of context. Did I say something unprofessional? Not at all. Have you ever heard something like that come from me?...I was trying to get my hand away and congratulate her staff and get back to the locker room. The air is cleared. That's my story. There's nothing to clear."

Weak. Sporlitics is a big fan of rivalry spilling over to the suits calling the shots (see: John Chaney v. John Calipari), and from what we know, Chatman's response means she stepped outta line.

Still, it leaves us wondering, if this made the highlight reel (and the video is pretty unspectacular), how much would people pay to see Geno Auriemma and Pat Summit throw down? Sporlitics' staff would give up our average month's salary, at least.

Is anyone at FOX listening?


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