Sunday, February 12, 2006

[Insert derogatory comment here]

OK. We think we finally understand A-rod. After all the things he has done to tarnish whatever may be left of his postive image, Sporlitics came across this:

But we get it. He's trying the ol' double-negative. He thinks he will confuse everyone: empire-hater overload. Dook haters and Yankee haters (often one in the same) won't know what to do with themselves. He's brilliant.

By the way, who is his publicist? Courtney Love? Geez, you'd think this guy would get some good advice once in a blue moon.

Since bashing the world champ Red Sox about a year ago, A-Rod has made more bad decisions than Duke Cunningham (get it? Duke? Like the school? ZING!). OK, we're done.


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