Sunday, February 12, 2006

House to OHS: You Blew Katrina

In a report coming out tomorrow, House investigators will blast the government, and single out an important few, according to the Sunday WashPost. An excerpt:

The 600-plus-page report lays primary fault with the passive reaction and misjudgments of top Bush aides, singling out Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Operations Center and the White House Homeland Security Council, according to a 60-page summary of the document obtained by The Washington Post. Regarding Bush, the report found that "earlier presidential involvement could have speeded the response" because he alone could have cut through all bureaucratic resistance.

We'll see if a major albatross for the Bush Administration comes back for a few extra kicks. Although Sporlitics sees the morning news cycle dominated by a different Bush Administration story, this one also involving obvliviousness and bad communication (see above).

The ramifications of this report may well stick, though, because Chertoff will be the one in the spotlight, with Bush and co. taking peripheral hits. The bureaucracy is the real problem here, and this report will (apparently) expose it. The President will catch even more blame, not only because he could have cut through the resistance, but because Homeland Security was his idea. And in its first real test since 9/11, it failed. Miserably.


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